Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Lipstick Lesbos by Dee Dawning


Shopping for summer wardrobes, California girls, Chloe and Rachel, run into a butch store clerk who is rude to Rachel and makes a pass at Chloe. Always straight as a Kansas hi-way Chloe rejects the clerk out of hand. However, the incident seems to stir-up latent feelings deep inside her. When they get home, Chloe is determined to ask her sexy best friend how deep her feeling go for her

Reviewer: Jasmine 
Lipstick Lesbos is a very short story of two college aged girls, Chloe and Rachel, who go shopping.

They're both the daughters of wealthy parents in Newport and they've just spent a small fortune buying themselves summer wardrobes. Chloe is surprised at a saleswoman's nasty attitude towards Rachel and is shocked when she's told it's because the saleswoman was jealous and thought the two girls were an item. When they return to home, they go to the bedroom of the luxury detached guesthouse Chloe lives in on her parents' estate and start trying on the clothes they bought. Trying on means taking off and both girls find themselves eyeing each other's assets hungrily. Soon, they end up having sex. The sexual scenes between girls are very hot.

I liked this short story of author Dee Dawning's because it was a sweet and well written story. However, I rate it 3 stars because it is too short.

 Publisher: New Dawning International Bookfair
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Daryl Devoré said...

Short stories are good. Sometimes that's all I have time to read.

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