Friday, June 22, 2012

The Long Con by Lori Torland


British Agent Nathaniel Bradley is tasked with bringing home a stolen heirloom. After tracking the Faberge egg all the way to a group of criminals in New York, Bradley infiltrates a ring of con artists and gets sucked into the role of a high priced prostitute.

While hoping for a chance to take back what is rightfully his, Bradley's sole mission becomes to seduce Tony Terranova, Jr, the heir to a notorious mafia dynasty. Though Tony is strikingly handsome, the usually dominant Bradley is hesitant to submit to the sexual whims of a dangerous Mafioso.

What Bradley doesn't expect is for Tony to fall to his knees so eagerly for him, leaving him blindsided by how intensely their dark tastes complement each other. Now Bradley is caught up in a deadly game of lies and desire, where what he truly wants may not be what duty requires.

Reviewer: TigerLily

I always look forward to reading Lori Toland’s books, though I was a bit hesitant with this as I don’t read many dealing with prostitution. However I am so glad I did, brilliant story! Hard to put down, with twists you never saw coming, until they passed and you're like, oh wow!  

Nathaniel Bradley works for Serious Organized Crime Agency, or SOCA. After receiving a hair-raising call from his grandfather, Warwick Bradley, Nathaniel rushes to their home. But once he is inside he is relieved to see grandmother Margaret Bradley is ok, just in shock—someone has stolen her 1909 Alexander III Commemorative Faberge Egg, a priceless antique.

It isn’t until 6 months later, Nathaniel goes from government agent to working with a group of con artists and selling himself to the son of a major mafia boss. At a gala event, Nathaniel introduces himself to Anthony Terranova, Jr. as Bradley, and when they meet it only takes one look and neither can look away. 

I love the banter between them. It's witty, humorous, and sexy. You can almost see the struggle Bradley is going through as he loses himself in the playful conversation with Anthony. Yet with the sparks heating up between them how can he not help but lust after Anthony? He can’t seem to help himself; he knows he should stay focused on the job at hand, as seducing Anthony will bring him one step closer to getting back the Faberge Egg.

In a private room at the museum, Nathaniel and Anthony steal away for some sizzling HOT sex. However a shift of character occurs with Anthony; he ends up throwing himself at Bradley, begging to be taken. It threw me off for a second, as I wasn’t expecting it. A reversal in roles, instead of Bradley being the whore, it’s Anthony who gets down on his knees. As you get sucked into the story, you are left wondering who is really conning whom. You have the con artists who are trying to sell the Faberge Egg to Anthony. Yet something is off, and you can’t quite place it and things begin to get tossed up. Anthony persuades Bradley to meet him back at his place. They are so good together; every time they come together it’s just HOT and SEXY!  

When the con artists show up to try and sell Anthony the Faberge Egg, Bradley is able to authenticate it. Of course it’s real! But how can he make a grab for the Egg and leave Anthony? Bradley can’t have formed feelings for Anthony … right? Even though this is practically an instant love story, you feel like it doesn’t transpire over the course of just a few days. It’s as if they have been together for much longer. They are simply perfect for each other.  

Just as Bradley makes up his mind to leave, the con artist show up and everything seems to go downhill. Anthony now knows Bradley was part of the con, yet he shows remorse? Anthony says he is going to turn himself in to the authorities—he bargained a deal to turn in the con artists to get a lesser deal for himself for crimes he committed in the past, but he can’t seem to turn Bradley in as well. Anthony wants to keep him safe. 

If you think the twists are done, think again! Cause now a whole new game in thrown into this involving story. Who is Anthony really?

I give this 4 stars … love is never as impossible as it may seem. Definitely Recommended!    

 Publisher: Loose Id


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