Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Capturing Cora (Romps & Rakehells #1) by Madelynne Ellis

A botched marriage proposal. A mischievous wager. All leading to a game of hide and seek that turns highly erotic… Branwell “Tinker” Locke believes in grand gestures. However, when his marriage proposal to Miss Cora Reeve is dismissed as a jape, Bran has to find another way to persuade Cora of his utmost sincerity. Even if it means using his tongue for something other than pretty words. Cora fears that her former childhood friend is simply set upon helping her win a wager, that is, until they’re thrust together during a game of hide and seek and previously un-expressed passion blooms between them. Then, Cora is left wondering if she’s made a terrible mistake. Does Bran really love her, or was that forbidden pleasure between them in the cupboard just a moment that’s gone forever? The onus is now on her to convince Bran that she really does want him. She’s ready to bare not just her heart and emotions, but all she has. Things a lady should never give without a promise of forever…

Reviewer: Dolce Amore
Everything starts with six young ladies making a bet: whoever secures the first proposal shall win a little something from each of the rest. Cora is in love with her best friend, but he still sees her as a friend.
Bran still treated her like a sister. She longed to be his wife.
When one of the ladies speaks about the bet, Brad asks for her hand in marriage.
“Will you be mine? Will you marry me, my most majestic lovely? You did say you wanted to win. Shall we jump the broomstick together, Cora, and make merry in the hay?”
But Cora wants him to marry her out of love, not because of the bet; so she rejects his proposal. While the group is playing hide and seek (I couldn’t find the history of the game to prove the likelihood that it was played by the nobility; I have my doubts), Bran takes his time to convince Cora of his sincerity; and he uses some wicked techniques. I found the story unreal and with too little depth. I liked the first part—the bet between the ladies, but I disliked the game and the subsequent actions; they made the characters too supeficial, as if they had no complexity at all. 2.5 stars

 Publisher: Ai Press


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