Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Chasing Shadows by Jez Morrow

Upon witnessing a sultry, naked young man turn into a wolf after a car crash, Detective John Hamdon thinks he must be pretty messed up. When John's beautiful hallucination arrives at Chicago police headquarters as a new detective, John knows he's perfectly screwed. John can't tell anyone he saw the new man turn into a wolf when John doesn't believe it himself.

Detective René Bast from New Orleans is sexy, irresistible, and all wrong. John finds it tough to investigate a series of murders when he's sure he's riding shotgun with the perp. John knows his new partner has a past, but Bast's records got washed away by Hurricane Katrina. Even as John digs into Bast's ties to a Chicago crime lord, Bast won't stand still to be hunted. It's clear that John Hamdon is running from his own past. Bast turns the hunt around, even as he's falling for the man he may need to kill

Reviewer: Red Dragonfly
I honestly don’t know what to make of this story! I am all game for a werewolf story as they are my favorites but this proved to be an unusual one. Bast is a loup-garou (man-wolf) with a special ability: he chases dark shadows that reside in human bodies and kills them. He meets John when the latter hits him with his car and sees him in both forms. They meet again when Bast joins the police force where John works and the mystery starts to unravel.

Okay, although I was confused at times by some of the comments or some of the descriptions, eventually I was able to understand the plot (with a little difficulty at the beginning, lol). It is not your usual shifter book if you are a shifters lover, but I kind of liked the ending. The writing is good although it is not very clear at all times, especially when the writer jumps from chapter to chapter. I would give it 3 stars.

Publisher: Torquere Press
Review Courtesy Of: ManicReaders


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