Saturday, June 23, 2012

I'm Not Sexy and I Know it ! by Vic Winters


Winston knows he isn't sexy. He isn't a stud, classically handsome, and he doesn't have rhythm. A night on the dance floor with a stranger proves otherwise, though. Can best friend Clark convince Winston that he's all the sexy a man could hope to be, off the dance floor as well as on it?.

Reviewer: RedDragonfly

Winston, who is a little on the pudgy side, believes himself to be very  unsexy. When he goes to clubs on the weekend he dances some, but  normally sits around and watches. On one Saturday, a man approaches him  from behind and makes him dance to a song that Winston normally would  sit out on because he feels silly doing the dance moves. He's not a  particularly good dancer and he feels self conscious about his looks,  but he dances with this man, enjoying the dance, the company, the night.  One song leads to another and they dance together through several sets  until the stranger departs and Winston is shocked to realize he never  bothered to even look at the guy's face.  

The next weekend he  feels the same man again come up behind him and request to dance. As  they dance to a slow song, Winston leans back into the mystery man's  embrace, soaking in the fact he's being held. He closes his eyes and  turns his head, his lips claimed in a fervent kiss. Winston opens his  eyes to see who the man is ... only to find that he might already know  him.  

I've read a lot of Vic Winter books and enjoyed pretty much all of them; they are always cute sweet reads and I'm Not Sexy And I Know It  was another one that I really liked. I only had one problem with this  book, that Winston called Clark a "stud" a few times in this short  story, including to his face which was a little cringe-worthy to me. I  just can't see people calling anyone stud to their face. But aside from  that, I really liked this little friends-to-lovers short story and I'm  giving it 4 stars.    

Publisher:Torquere Press
Review Courtesy Of: ManicReaders


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