Thursday, June 14, 2012

Bonds of Earth by G.N. Chevalier

In 1918, Michael McCready returned from the war with one goal: to lose himself in the pursuit of pleasure. Once a promising young medical student, Michael buried his dreams alongside the broken bodies of the men he could not save. After fleeing New York to preserve the one relationship he still values, he takes a position as a gardener on a country estate, but he soon discovers that the house hides secrets and sorrows of its own. While Michael nurses the estate’s neglected gardens, his reclusive employer dredges up reminders of the past Michael is desperate to forget.

John Seward’s body was broken by the war, along with his will to recover until a family crisis convinces him to pursue treatment. As John’s health and outlook improve under Michael’s care, animosity yields to understanding. He and John find their battle of wills turning into something stronger, but fear may keep them from finding hope and healing in each other.

Reviewer: BlackTulip
Bonds of Earth is a superb, beautiful and simple story about two tormented souls, Michael and John, who went through the mill during the Great War and, like many others, returned home broken both in body and in spirit. It's rather a dark tale but it feels so real that you cannot help but be deeply moved to the core from beginning to end.

As strange as it may seem, the men are very different while having much in common apart from the horrors of the war. They have both been betrayed by their own family! G.N. Chevalier makes excellent work of creating these two wonderful characters that are so complementary.

Their fate is to meet. They have the power to heal each other. But will they understand it, see it for what it is, and have the will to fight their pain, their fear and accept who they are? Can they choose the light instead of the darkness, the loneliness and the emptiness? Will they, can they open their hearts!?

The author takes time in building this marvelous story and so much the better for us. We are able thus to see and appreciate the progression of the men's feelings, their actions and reactions. There is a whole range of emotions in this book: anger, pain, injustice, intolerance, ingratitude, love, passion, and page after page you suffer with Michael and John and all you want is for them to be together and happy because it feels SO right!

There are lots of very interesting and attractive secondary characters here, good and bad, and especially a wonderful little girl who as young as she is, has had her share of pain and hardship and she is the sunshine of this story.

Despite a difficult subject, this book simply shows us that there is always a place for hope. I highly recommend this book and give it 5/5 stars.

Publisher: Dreamspinner


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