Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Dreaming in Blue by Olivia Starke


Blind since childhood, Sierra is satisfied with her success as a relationship therapist. Contacting 1Night Stand is an outlet for her physical needs, or so she tells herself. When she meets Daniel, the chemistry is definitely there, but a single parent with a child has the terrifying potential to disrupt her orderly life.

After losing his wife in a fire three years before that left him terribly scarred, Daniel has focused on raising his young daughter and little else. Meeting Sierra through 1Night Stand is a way to step back into the world. And he definitely can’t deny the instant attraction.

Madame Evangeline has a sweet surprise for them as they discover one another…

Reviewer: DolceAmore

After Sierra Applegate’s fiance called off their wedding a week before  the date, she needed years to be ready to take baby steps into the world  of men again. And now she has a date through 1Night Stand with Daniel  T. McIntyre.

Daniel lost his wife in a fire some years ago and  has taken care of his daughter, Alisha to the exclusion of all else; but  now he has decided to start dating again

    However, something  is afoot, these two are not the strangers to each other they think they  are. Maybe Madame Evangeline really has super powers ... this is the man  who long ago was the boy who gave Sierra her first kiss.

It is  a sweet and enjoyable short story. Ms Olivia Starke has created some  wonderful characters who give richness to this sweet story. I liked that  although Sierra remembers colors just in dreams, she still is an  optimistic woman.

Though darkness greeted her, brilliant color filled her, a sweet memory to carry through the day.
  Sierra is blind, you see, and she sees colors only in her dreams. She  remembers blue, though. Blue is the sky and the color eyes of the first  boy who kissed her so many years ago. Daniel.

I also enjoyed the relation between Daniel and his daughter:  

“What’s for breakfast, pumpkin?”  
She tapped her chin, her slim eyebrows drawn together. “How about chocolate ice cream?”  
He feigned a stern look and played along. “Now, who eats chocolate ice cream for breakfast?”  
“Fairies and gnomes eat chocolate ice cream for breakfast. And french fries covered with fire ants.”  
  He burst out laughing. Each morning, Alisha created something more  imaginative to go with chocolate ice cream. Love and pride swelled in  his heart, and he stroked her dark brown hair, the same color as his in  his younger years.
   The only thing I could offer by way of complaint is that it a bit too short. 4.5 stars 

Publisher: Decadent Publishing
Review Courtesy Of: ManicReaders


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