Monday, January 30, 2012

Blame It On The Night by Shara Lanel

Human/werewolf relations were forbidden. Guy’s father made that clear years ago, but Guy had come very close to disobeying with naïve, teenage Olivia. He’d barely kept his body under control, as he’d held her during her first shocking orgasm. Years later, on edge with anger, grief, and the pull of the moon, Guy knows she’s the last person he needs near him.

Olivia is overcome with humiliation at the mere thought of seeing Guy again, since he’s starred in all of her fantasies over the past several years. She refuses to leave his doorstep, however, until he answers her questions about her missing sister and the dead body found on his property. Problem is, he’s ordering her to leave while blocking the door, telling her to get lost while pinning her between his hard body and the table, saying he doesn’t know what he’s doing while his every touch takes Olivia closer to heaven.

Sometimes forbidden love is worth the risk, but sometimes it leads to revenge and murder.

Publisher's Note: This book contains explicit sexual situations, graphic language, and material that some readers may find objectionable: anal intercourse, dubious consent, f/f sexual interaction, violence.

Reviewer: PurpleRose
This is a sequel to Blame it on the Moon, and I would recommend reading it first as Hayden and Kitty play a large role in this story.

Guy gave Olivia her first orgasm then disappeared from her life without a word. At a early age, Guy witnessed the punishment whipping of a female werewolf and the murder of her human lover, so he knows that he can't be involved with Olivia or any human.

Now 10 yrs later, Olivia has come back home to Devona, NY after receiving a mysterious postcard warning that her older sister, Amy may be in danger. Hayden and Kitty from Blame it on the Moon arrive in town at the same time after receiving a similar postcard telling Hayden he can find his biological father there.

At times I found it a little difficult to keep up, because this story has a little of everything, including werewolves, murders, kidnappings, long lost family, sibling discord, teenage crushes, pregnancy, and even BDSM and animalistic sex! The sex scenes were hot, especially when Guy took matters into his own hands...

I give Ms. Lanel props for the suspense part of this story as I was clueless to who the "bad guy" was until it was revealed and that rarely happens when I read a story. However, I was left with some unanswered questions, like how Olivia and the pack will deal with the changes. Why Hayden can only shift during the 3 nights around the full moon, is it because he's 1/2 human or because he wasn't raised with the weres and just hasn't learned to control his wolf yet? I see potential for a 3rd story involving Nootau, so perhaps my questions will be answered yet! I give 3.5 stars.

Publisher: Loose Id
Review Courtesy Of: ManicReaders


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