Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Lord of Illusion (The Elven Lords 3) by Kathryne Kennedy

Acclaimed for her world-building, Kathryne Kennedy's third book in her haunting new historical paranormal romance series features transcendent writing.

Rebel Drystan Hawkes dreams of freeing England and discovers the key to opening the door to Elfhame lies with Camille, a young slave woman. Drystan sets off to rescue her and find the key that will send the dreaded elf lords away forever. But who is rescuing whom?

Reviewer: Fashionta
In this third of book of The Elven Lords series, fifty years has passed since the last novel. We are introduced to old and new areas with the story of Drystan, another half elven child who joined the rebellion due his connection to the heroine and hero of the previous novel.

He is an interesting character, who’s gift has also been a curse to him as he searches for the person he believes is the way to gain England’s freedom. He’s passionate about this work. The author shows this clearly, in simple words to describe him after a late night of work at the start of novel which sets the story and the journey on which we are about to be taken.

The person in question is a young woman who's been stuck in slavery but managed to rise to the position of servant twice and has been set back by unfortunate events. Most people believe her to be worthless and the author uses this to show the best of both lead characters. This couple work well together, which is something I love and follows the tradition set in this series.

Kathryne Kennedy has written another amazing book and this world continues to grow and become more creative as the series grows. I look forward to future releases and recommend this series to anyone who's looking for a good historical fantasy series. I give this book 4.5 stars

Publishing Date: Feb. 01, 2012
Publisher: Sourcebooks Casablanca
Review Courtesy Of: NetGalley


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