Friday, January 27, 2012

Question of the Week

Manscape or Au Naturel, how to do you prefer your cover candy?

Fashionta's Answer: It's a toss up. Au Naturel can be a bit too much sometimes, so I have to go with Manscape . Some of my favorites book covers which we happened to have reviewed on the blog...


Anonymous said...

Manscape here too!
Check my latest blog post "Let's Talk Book Covers"
Looking forward to you comments!

The Lovely Books said...

Hey I found you on goodreads from one of the groups! Great blog.

New follower.

Sebella Blue said...

Seriously, how long could I spend licking the model's chest from Terry Spear's cover? Days! It would just not be as fun if I had to spend time coughing up hairballs.

Crystal @ RBtWBC said...

I LOVE that cover from Terry Spear, it's def. lickable and what I prefer!
Thanks for joining in the 18+, have a great week!

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