Saturday, January 21, 2012

On Her Own by Dawne Prochilo

Rand Bartlett, tall, dark and a loner, is not a man to be reckoned with – but tell that to Darci Hart. According to Rand , Darci would try the patience of a saint.

After a one-night stand, Darci finds herself pregnant. Rand, a loner, wants to marry Darci, but she has other plans – and they don’t include Rand. Despite all of Darci's attempts to keep Rand out of the picture, his persistence pays off. It's a love-hate relationship that keeps Rand and Darci on their toes.

Reviewer: Dolce Amore
In my opinion, Ms. Dawne Prochilo took the cliché story line: a man and a woman have a night of passion, she gets pregnant, and they marry… end of the story and added something special.

After Darci Hart accepts a bet from her best friend Ashley and is rescued by Rand Bartlett, she sleeps with him. But after discovering that she's pregnant, she refuses to marry him. She slowly realizes the mistake she made… because she is in love with him.

But before she could do something or accept his proposal, she finds out that there was another woman carrying his baby and Rand is going to marry her!

Ms. Dawne Prochilo did a wonderful job in drawing Darci as a timid and shy young woman… the typical wallflower. She's described like this:
In her mind she was not beautiful. Ugly didn't describe her either, but there were definitely women more beautiful in this world. She wasn’t the type to make men take a second look. No catcalling whistles coming her way.
I think there are a lot of women who see themselves like that.

We see, through the book, how Darci slowly starts to change… having her baby and being in love changes her. I love this character!

I think Rand is not so deep or strong, but the story is based on Darci, which is good. I will give it 4.5 stars and I totally recommend it.

Publisher: Secret Cravings Publishing


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