Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Secrets of an Accidental Duchess (Donovan 2) by Jennifer Haymore

With her pale hair and slim figure, Olivia Donovan looks as fragile as fine china, and has been treated as such by her sisters ever since a childhood bout with malaria. But beneath her delicate facade, Olivia guards a bold, independent spirit and the kind of passionate desires proper young ladies must never confess...

It was a reckless wager, and one Max couldn't resist: seduce the alluring Olivia or forfeit part of his fortune. Yet the wild, soon-to-be Duke never imagined he'd fall in love with this innocent beauty. Nor could he have guessed that a dangerously unpredictable rival would set out to destroy them both. Now, Max must beat a Madman at his own twisted game-or forever lose the only woman to have ever won his heart.

Reviewer: Fashionta
Oh my this has to be one of the most disrespectable villains I have ever seen in a book! The author is a genius at creating this character and he fits into this story perfectly, setting up the relationship between the hero and heroine. Never have I read a villain that was so disputable and yet played a key part in the storyline and made the story what it was. The hero and heroine in their own right were wonderful characters but the villain was the extra ingredient to make this book spectacular and wonderful.

I can’t wait to get my hands on the novella which ties the two first book together by giving us a big insight into events preceding this novel and further insight of the heroine‘s sister Serena and brother-in-law Jonathan, who's story was told in the first book.

Happy Release day! Both this novel and the novella are being released tomorrow and I recommend reading the novella first if you buy them both as it explains events that are key to this story.

I have to give the book four stars only for that reason. They should have released it earlier instead of dangling it front of us, I need to know what happened with the villain and heroine now and can't wait to find out!

Publishing Date: Feb. 01, 2012
Publisher: Forever
Review Courtesy Of: NetGalley


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