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Helene Blackmailed by Elliot Mabeuse

Blackmailed into sex. Blackmailed into a love that would turn her life upside down and lead to a world of transforming passion and desire such as she'd never imagined existed—that's what happened to Helene Blanchard the day she went to meet the mysterious stranger at that down-at-the-heels motel. She went in a tough, young executive, and emerged as someone else—someone sexual, sensual, and entirely fulfilled.

Helene Blackmailed is the story of one woman's transformation under a man's demanding passion, a passion that respects neither limit nor law in its desire to make her utterly his.

More than a simple tale of sex and domination, Helene Blackmailed explores the psychological struggle of a contemporary woman trying to reconcile her worldly independence with her newly discovered desires for the thrill of sexual submission, a struggle in which Helene emerges victorious and even stronger than before.

Reviewer: avidscribe
I’ve said it before—no one approaches the caliber of this writer. His work is the reading equivalent of filet mignon: USDA prime, juicy, hot red center, flavorful and delectable, exquisite texture, and mouth fun and you find yourself craving more—the next sentence, the next paragraph, the next page, the next bite, even while you don’t want the meal to end but go on and on because nothing else tastes this good.

I gush. I am so turned on by a writer who is comfortable with words, who doesn’t describe a situation or mood like everyone else does but strives to present something new and fresh.

Describing an erection:
He made no attempt to hide it, in fact, he seemed almost to be showing it off, and suddenly it was as if there was [a] third presence in the room, someone impatient and menacing.

Or these ...

hot, eager spasms
his finger was sliding in greasy circles
it was as if he spoke directly to her body
licked by the greedy flames of an impending orgasm
each slap was like a pistol shot in the room
bit down on the ferocious sweetness of her thundering orgasm
lewd ferocity
a swamp of wet, female need
her own nectar of arousal

Other writers don't even come close to his sensual style. Actions take on persona. He lingers, unabashedly, giving the details that reach into a psyche and wrap around the pleasure centers of the brain. His descriptive quality alone ratchets up a story to memorable.

I've got my favorites in this genre but Elliot is tops.

And speaking of top, Helene is on her way to it. She's a busy executive who is about to be promoted. She enjoys her job and she's great at it. She's hardly aware anything is missing as she puts in long hours and is lauded by everyone in her company. She is, however, sexually repressed.

On a hot Sunday afternoon, in a wanton moment alone on the roof of her building while reading a hot novel, she masturbates to an unseen audience of one who, from another building, records the moments in a series of photographs. They arrive in her email inbox with a demand she come to a motel room to discuss them.

She's expecting a sleazy punk, someone young wanting to blackmail her. She meets instead a distinguished man in his forties in an expensive suit with a formidable presence. He informs her he's not after money but her cooperation and when she fires back an angry retort, she is shocked to find he knows everything about her, her family, her life back in Indianapolis, and he's not adverse to sending the photos along to her family if he doesn't get what he wants. He wants her.

Daniel is a Dom and knows a submissive when he sees one. The woman who leaves the motel later that day is a changed one. She barely recognizes the woman who reveled in the helpless, greedy, wild moments experienced behind that closed door. Elliot unerringly takes us inside Helene's head as she grapples with her feelings, her acceptance of the power this man has over her, and the power of her own sexuality and desirability which makes the Dom every bit as weak as her. Helene is able to move beyond the shame of her feelings to realizing it was the same shame that fueled the fire her body fed on and she
burst through herself like a butterfly from its cocoon, sailing through the air on wings of obscene, sexual surrender.
God, does that man have a way with words! No one comes close to his imagery. His pages burst into electrifying flame, you're part of a wholly visceral experience, airborne right next to Helene as she climbs dizzying heights of intense pleasure.

Helene is more alive than she’s ever felt before. Daniel
has made her new, he's made her a wonder to herself
and the sensible business suits and the work that goes with them is seen now through the lens of her newly aroused passions. Over time, she comes to love this man and he her as they take their relationship to new levels of eroticism.

If 5 stars is the best, this goes 6. The man has no equal.

Publisher: Ellora's Cave


Michele said...

Wow! Great review! I think Mabeuse is a very creative writer. In the truest sense of the word. It is refreshing to read erotica from the male POV. Very virile and potent. How approriate!

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