Monday, January 16, 2012

Faolan's Curse by Emly Forrest

They don’t call it spellbound for nothing.

Faolan didn’t mean to look, but the White King’s Premier Wife was just too juicy. It was purely accidental and if that pesky magpie hadn't caught him looking, the young, handsome faery spellcaster-in-training might have gotten away with it. The problem? In Faerie, it's a supremely serious crime. The only prudent thing to do is own up to the king and take his punishment.

Luckily, his majesty appears to be quite drunk when Faolán arrives to learn his fate, and the punishment the king hands down is a joke: Faolan must get a human woman from Dublin to fall in love with him. Too easy.

However, when love strikes the cocksure faery--and is not returned by his heart’s desire--things get complicated. Then a few spells go haywire, a friend contributes his own misadventure to the mix, Faolan works a bit of careless magick, and things get complicated fast.

WARNING: Some strong language and explicit sex.

Reviewer: Dolce Amore
This story is about Faolan, who saw the White King’s premier wife naked and decided to tell the King and take his punishment. The king's, a drunk faery, punishment was he has to make a human woman fall in love with him.

Faolan decides he wants the first woman he sees, Brigid. However, she doesn’t want him. After a few spells go haywire, he gets a secret spell from his father, but he makes a mistake while casting the spell, and Brigid starts to love him but he has a permanent hard on.

I didn’t like the story. The characters are superficial, Faolan is an arrogant and stupid faery, and there was very little about the rest of the characters. I give only 2 stars because the story line was tedious and absurd.

Publisher: Lyrical Press
Review Courtesy Of: ManicReaders


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