Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Fading (A Flirty Fantasy of Falling Idols 2) by Cecilia Gray

Ever had an itch you just can’t scratch?

Mhaya hasn’t. As a goddess, she doesn’t itch, or hunger, or thirst. In fact, she’s pretty much above petty human annoyances, from humiliation to heartbreak.

Until now.

Because ever since her better-known twin brother Eros gave her the boot from Mount Olympus, Mhaya has been fading from human memory. The only way to prevent her godly demise is to temporarily trade her immortality for the drudgery of pitiful, pointless humanity. Which is not exactly Mhaya’s style.

Her only ally in her quest to stay alive is the stunningly sexy, utterly unobtainable Marcus, a man who has his own reasons to see Mhaya fail. And yet, he’s somehow unable to turn his back on her… and the more she struggles to survive her brush with mortality, the more interested he becomes in showing her the very best part of being human: passionate, pulse-racing love.

Reviewer: Dolce Amore
All Mhyra wants is to be back on Mount Olympus, where her family threw her out a long time ago. To be powerful enough to do so, she has to have a soul. That’s why she uses Lauris, a witch, but by doing so she hurts her lover, Marcus, whom she made immortal hundreds of years ago. To get the soul she has twelve hours to pass three tests or she will die.

Marcus decided to help her because
once you have a soul, you‘ll feel the full weight and pain of the misery you‘ve caused others, Mhaya. You‘ll finally feel guilt for what you‘ve done to my soldiers. And I want to be there when it happens.

This book is the second in the Fallen Idols’s series and it is a wonderful story. I totally loved how Ms. Cecilia Gray shows what Mhyra is feeling for the first time as a mortal when she felt hunger and she was tired. Although she was the wicked goddess in the previous story, in this one we start to understand her, to love her.

I loved the moments when she feels what true love is, when she faces her second task:
Find the courage to face your greatest fear.
She realized that her greatest fear was losing Marcus and not dying. In addition, she finally understands why she wanted a soul and it wasn’t about the power she could get, but because Marcus could finally get what he wanted all these years.

If you think that this was the most interesting part of the book, you are wrong. The best part is the end, it will make you laugh and cry and love every single word. It definitively is the best book I've ever read! You should try it, it won’t let you down. 5 stars… if I could give it more, I would!

Also, Ms. Cecilia Gray revealed to me that the next book of the series, Fleeting, will be available in late Spring/early Summer. I will be counting the days, as she's on the top of my Favorite Writer’s list.


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