Monday, January 30, 2012

Wild Lilly (Willow Creek 1) by Ann Mayburn

When Connecticut socialite Lilly Brooks inherits land in Caldwell, Kansas, she finally has the chance to break free from the gilded cage of Victorian society and chase after her dreams of excitement and romance in the Wild West. Excitement arrives with angry Indians, smelly dogs, and drunken cowboys who won't take no for an answer. Romance comes in the form of a ruggedly handsome rancher named Paul McGregor. Too bad he calls her a whore within the first minute of their acquaintance.

Paul has spent the last three years trying to hold his family and ranch together after the death of his parents. When he saves a stunning blonde, who he thinks is a soiled dove, from a group of drunk ranch hands he tries to do the right thing and get her work at a good saloon. He soon discovers the woman whose favors he would love to buy owns land key to his family's financial future. Paul decides to use his best weapon to win Lilly over and get her property: seduction.

A wicked cattle baron wants Lilly’s land as well and threatens to kill anyone who stands up to him. Paul must decide what he needs more, the land or the beautiful and courageous, wild Lilly.

Reviewer: Dolce Amore
Lilly Brooks wants to find a man that can stand up to her and match her passion. That’s why she's decided to leave Hartford and move to Caldwell, Kansas, There she'll work as a teacher and live on the land her uncle left. She may be a wild woman, but she also has a kind heart. I enjoyed reading about her.

However, there are two men who want her land, Paul McGregor and Lee Krisp. And none of them seemed willing to play fair. One has decided to kill for it and the other to seduce her.

At least Lee Krisp is honest: he wants her land and is willing to kill to get it. Paul McGregor tells her that he loves her but he plans to marry her and after that hurt her so she will leave Kansas, leaving her land in his hands.

The story was good, and yet, I had to reread some of the sections so I could understand what was going on. Also, from the historical books I've read, I feel like the people from that time were much more proper and respectable than the characters from this story. I will give it 3.5 stars.

Publisher: Decadent Publishing
Review Courtesy Of: ManicReaders


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