Friday, January 20, 2012

Letters to the Baumgartners by Selena Kitt

Danielle Stuart is spending a year abroad studying in Venice, but while she loves the romance of the language and the beauty of country, she finds herself more and more confused by her growing feelings for a gondolier named Nico and her now ex-husband, Mason, who has shown up on her doorstep looking to reconcile. Desperate Dani writes to the Baumgartners in hopes her former lovers might help her clarify her muddled emotions. Finding herself torn between the two men, she reveals her dizzying dilemma, only to discover, thanks to the Baumgartners' insight and her own sense of sexual discovery, that she may not have to choose after all.

Reviewer: Carolina Fruitfly
This is another story set in the Baumgartner's world, although we never actually see the B's on stage, we only see them as recipients of letters from Dani, who we met in Baumgartners Plus One. In the previous story, Dani had recently lost a baby, and her marriage to Mason had fallen apart. Now, Dani is living out her lifelong dream of studying in Venice, Italy. She is healing from the loss of her daughter, and slowly but surely, getting over Mason, but she is still lonely. She meets gondolier Nico on just such a lonely night. They form an immediate connection, and Dani finds herself falling for the sweet, hot Italian man, but then who does she find at her door one night, Mason! Not the same Mason she left behind - this Mason has finally stood up to his parents, finished school, and is out to win her back.

We are then treated to hotness as only Selena Kitt can deliver. Nico and Mason both set out to win Dani's heart, and the scenes are scorching, sheet burning, have a man or a toy nearby hot. Dani is torn, she loves both men, but of course, that isn't possible. Or is it? While Mason is straight, Nico is bisexual, open to anything. When Dani becomes ill, forcing Nico and Mason to take care of her, they all come to a new understanding - that they can all three come together and love each other, and that is just what happens.

My only problem with this story was that, as an ardent mm lover, I really wanted more of the growing connection between Nick and Mason, I did feel that Mason fell into the manloving thing a bit too easily. Otherwise, this book was totally perfect hotness, and I'm giving it 4 stars.

Publisher: eXcessica
Review Courtesy Of: ManicReaders


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