Monday, February 20, 2012

Dances With Wolves (Highland Wolves 1) by Mandy Monroe

Jada had lived so long in an emotional desert, mostly of her own making, that she discovered it was hard to resist the invitation Larissa sent, even though she wasn't completely comfortable with the idea. Nevertheless, Larissa's appeals didn't fall on deaf ears. She had needs she'd ignored way too long-and she was still a nervous wreck when she arrived in Scotland!

She'd thought she would be lucky to find one man she found reasonably attractive. Finding three she found completely irresistible was just a little overwhelming-fun-but still hard to handle-and that was before she discovered the wolf masks really hid the true men behind them! They weren't just wolf-like. They were wolves!

Reviewer: QueenBee
I was disappointed with this book, in terms of content. It didn’t deliver what the author was conveying through her characters. The book mentions the heroine going to a masquerade, but the heroine knows it’s really going to be an orgy, as she knows what her best friend is like. Then, we only see hints of it. The author is more focused on the relationship between the main characters.

I have to give this book three stars, it’s nothing outstanding and special like her other stories, which I have enjoyed.

Publisher: New Concepts Publishing
Review Courtesy Of: ManicReaders


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