Saturday, October 1, 2011

The Nobleman and the Knave by Pelaam

Timon's comfortable life is turned upside down when he rescues a young slave destined to be a rich man's toy. He uncovers a world he never dreamed existed. Worse still, at its blackened heart, is his own sister's fiance, the dark and dangerous Sir Jocelyn.

Timon promises the slave, Agapito, that he will return the young man to his home and family. However, fulfilling that promise is jeopardized when Sir Jocelyn becomes an adversary.

Reviewer: BlackTulip
Very early, I thought that it wasn't a good book, then later it became a bad one and at the end the only word that came to my mind was terrible!

There is absolutely nothing historical in it. An allusion to King George is made in a sentence at the beginning of the novel, which one and when, I don't know. There is no description of any kind that could have helped me determine the period. I just hated that!

We know it takes place on an island in the Caribbean and that's it. The only background we have for one of the main characters, Timon, is that his family had settled at one time, prospered and that his father died leaving him and his sister on the threshold of debtors prison. Nothing is said about the other characters. In my opinion they all are caricatures, no depth, no finesse. Because of it, none are believable. The way Timon and Agapito interact is ridiculous. The author attempts to tell a story but he fails miserably, there is absolutely no substance in it, there are only bits and pieces. The only thing here overly described are the too numerous and boring sex scenes. At least half of them were pointless if not more. He should have taken more time thinking about building a convincing story and working on credible characters.

I had to finish this book to be able to comment on it but it was very painful! Don't waste your time on it. Just avoid it. I give it a 1/5.

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