Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Tangled Memories by Jan Scarbrough

Dr. Alexander Dominican needs a mother for his infant daughter. Motherless himself from birth, he refuses to let his daughter grow up without one. He's convinced kindergarten teacher Mary Adams is the answer to his dilemma. When he offers Mary a marriage of convenience, he has no idea he's setting into motion a destiny that has taken him seven hundred years to fulfill.

Mary Adams needs to pay her deceased husband's gambling debts, and Alex's offer of marriage seems to be the answer to her prayers. But on the day of their marriage, Mary begins to have strange hallucinations - memories of another woman's life. A life that had taken place centuries before and somehow seems frighteningly familiar.

Before Mary can figure out why she's hallucinating, it becomes clear that someone in Alex's house is out to destroy her. Could it be one of Alex's sinister servants, or could it be Alex himself? Until she can learn the answer, Mary knows she must keep her distance from Alex, but he's reawakening a hidden desire - a deep longing - that she can't ignore. But will following her heart lead her to eternal love or to a nightmare that will never end?

The only way to discover the truth is to unravel centuries of... Tangled Memories.

Reviewer: BlackTulip
I never read contemporary romance. But I had two good reasons to try this one. First, I LOVED Jan Scarbrough's first historical novel My Lord Raven and second - Tangled Memories promised a Gothic undertone and flashbacks to the fourteenth century. Truth be told, I don't regret it! But frankly I never thought I would be blown away by it!

I often complain about the lack of atmosphere in a book but here it was as tangible as you could want. You can feel it, you can even smell it, you are surounded by it.
The author has definitely succeeded in creating a true atmosphere mixed with an incredible range of emotions. You cannot help but be touched and moved by it.

The two main characters are perfect in their interaction, so believable, so genuine. There is an invisible bond between Mary and Alex and even in her worst moments of doubts and questioning, she is irresistibly dragged back to him like a magnet.

You really want to believe in this everlasting love, you need it ... and at the end you cannot stop yourself from believing!

Without a doubt I recommend it. For myself I can't wait for her next historical novel. I give this one a 4.

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