Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Ishbel's Party by Stacy Absalom

Once she'd dreamed of being his wife

While Bethan was recovering from injuries she'd suffered while nursing in Beirut, her job with Mrs. Ruston in a peaceful Suffolk village seemed just what the doctor had ordered--plenty of fresh air and no stress.

Instead Bethan was strained to the limit. She met Fraser again, and was reminded of the guilt she'd carried with her since his sister Ishbel's party ten years ago. But seeing Fraser with the woman he intended to marry was what really hurt.

She'd loved Fraser as a young girl, and she loved him still--with a depth and power that was shattering.

Reviewer: Fashionta
Ever felt like everyone remembers you for one mistake in your life? And that you can't shake the mistake no matter how hard you try. Ishbel's Party is about a mistake that happened a number of years ago that has come back to haunt Bethan when she revisits her past and meets the title character's brother. The book moves between present and past as past and present feelings between the two families are explored. The fact that Bethan feels like an outsider ever since she was adopted by her stepfather is key to the story, as they believe she is like her mother. Bethan's mother, who abandoned her,  is a source of pain for her and she's hated by her step brother because his father took a special interest in her.

This revolves around the party where the incident happened and the end is satisfying when the natural son of her stepfather and her best friend were revealed as the cause of the friction. The only let down was that there was no confrontation between Bethan and Mark, her stepbrother, who's current circumstances are mentioned by the hero. For those reasons I gave Ishbel's Party 4 stars.

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