Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Can't Bear It by Celia Kyle

Meg is a lioness on the run. After being used and semi-abused by her pride for more years than she cares to count, she's leaving the pride life behind and heading to Strange Hollow. A new life, a new home, awaits her there and she can't wait to begin anew and settle down to make little lions of her own. Only, the one man who qualifies for the job also has a tiny little problem. He's a man-slut.

Jacob loves his slutastic behavior and wouldn't have it any other way. Men, women, either, both, they all do it for him. Until he meets a certain curvaceous lioness who changes the rules and makes his bear want something he's never wanted... a mate.

Reviewer: Fashionta
Jacob, the hero of  Can't Bear It (yes, it is a pun, so be ready to meet a bear shifter in an unbearable situation) is a man slut. That's how the blurb describes him, never mind that you'd rarely come across such a word in a m/f romance. A man who likes women can be called a playboy, but a slut? In our case, Jacob is bisexual. He just cann't get enough sex and is willing to have it any way the opportunity presents itself. He lives in Strange Hollow, a town of supernatural misfits similar to the one Dana Marie Bell created, though with even more variety.

Meg, the heroine, is a lioness who seeks to escape the boredom the life of a closeted shapeshifter entails, so she comes to Strange Hollow. She also wishes to turn over a new leaf and start a meaningful relationship. You’d think Jacob would be the wrong man for it, but not to a determined lioness shapeshifter.

It is a short, quick read but it is jam packed. Sometimes, I had to cringe at the hoops Meg made Jacob jump through to bring him to heel. The road to monogamy can be rocky indeed. The character of Meg is well defined and it seems the story is more about her than anything else. On the other hand Jacob needs more development, maybe if the novella were a little longer and I’d been given a little more insight into the characters I’d give it half a star more. Anyway, I feel it earned 4 out of 5 stars from me and I hope for more books in similar style from Ms. Kyle.

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