Friday, October 28, 2011

The Devil You Know by Helen Brooks

When her father died, Carina Kirkton was left with nothing, she even would have to sell the house he was born to pay their debts... Then came Steed and made her an offer that she could not refuse. Steed pay its creditors in exchange for she belonged to him entirely. It was a very high price and in addition, Nina was sure he would make sure that she paid with interest.

Reviewer: QueenBee
This book is clichéd from the start what with the title The Devil You Know which is also conveniently a part of the proverb and right until the end. The main theme "first kiss equals true love" is also a time-honored trope. I was hoping the author would find a way to embellish it, apply some individual touches that make up for a good Harlequin romance. But my hope was in vain.

So, Nina's first kiss is given to a man she later grows to hate, they lose touch and then meet again. Both have secrets they feel very protective about and the game of cat an mouse begins.

Those who have a special fondness for May-December romances would probably find this novel quite agreeable. The plot manages to keep the reader intrigued as the couple's secrets gradually peel away and they discover the partner's other side. What spoiled it for me was the clichéd beginning - and, well, the fact that it's not the best first kiss, true love story I have read. 2.5 stars

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