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Rose's Pledge (Harwood House 1) by Dianna Crawford and Sally Laity

A gentlewoman sold to the highest bidder. . .

A frontiersman looking for love outside of marriage. . .

And the vast, untamed wilderness and peoples that threaten their survival.

To save her father from debtors’ prison in England, gently bred Rose Harwood indentures herself to the highest bidder in the far away American Colonies. Her new owner, a grubby trader, takes her deep into Indian Territory, and when hostilities erupt at the start of the French and Indian War, Rose finds herself in more need of rescue than her father ever was.

Frontiersman Nate Kinyon is eager to save Rose, but he has strayed from his childhood beliefs and is far from being the man God called him to be. And Rose is reluctant to sacrifice her faith to secure the charming but worldly longhunter’s protection.

As the two struggle amid danger for survival, they have a lot to learn—from each other and from God. Will they discover that the only true and lasting love comes from God, the Author of their destiny?

Reviewer: Fashionta
Rose's Pledge is the first book in the Harwood House series set mainly in Colonial America of the mid-eighteenth century. In the city of Bath, Rose Harwood, a 25-year old spinster, is considered to be firmly on the shelf. So when her family finds itself in dire straits and faces the prospect of a debtors' prison, she's the first to be sacrificed. Rose indentures herself to the highest bidder and soon leaves England for the servant's life in the colonies.

At first she is repelled by the grubby looks and abrasive manner of her new master, a tradesman by the name of Smith. She is further horrified by the news that she'd be living in an Indian settlement. However, appearances are deceiving and Rose soon gets to know and appreciate both him and her new surroundings. What's more, one of her fellow travellers Nate Kinyon, moved by her plight followed her to her destination just to make sure she'd be OK. He's far cry from being the man Rose's ever envisioned to fall for, but something in him calls to her.

This peace and contentment doesn't last long. The life in the colonies is unstable, the English and the French are fighting to increase their holdings, embroiling the Indians in their hostilities as well. Suddenly, Rose finds herself a sole white person in the settlement and has to survive on her own, waiting for Nate to return.

The novel is well researched, rich with details of the period. We get insight into the events that lead to French and Indian wars and even see George Washington, the future first president of the United States, as a brave officer in the beginning of his illustrous career. Convincing and likable characters and easy writing style make for a very enjoyable read. Since we are told that Rose's sisters shared her fate, each of them going as indentured servant to America, I'm eagery awaiting the next installment in this promising series.  5 stars.

Expected Publishing Date: Jan. 01, 2012
Publisher: Barbour Publishing, Inc.
Review Courtesy Of: NetGalley

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