Monday, October 3, 2011

Seeking Fate by Moira Reid

No one listens to Josephine Mattern. She has a solution to her company’s ski resort project, but her boss won't consider it. In frustration, she skis away alone and has a terrible accident.

Floating in and out of consciousness, she is carried deep into the woods by a stranger. He miraculously heals her and and breaks mind-boggling news: His name is Victor, and he has traveled across the galaxy to find her.

An asteroid will destroy his planet, Vivimonde, and their king will eliminate every person on Earth and relocate the inhabitants of his planet before it hits.

Vivimonde’s oracle has spoken: Josephine can save them.

Reviewer: Fashionta
It's hard not to like this book. But it kept me thinking of another book, Pilgrim Progress, as they undertake a journey of strength, logic, and endurance.

Jo the heroine and the other female characters are made to be intelligent young woman who are willing to risk all. What threw me of is the names of the hero and the other male characters. In this case the journey take place on a planet called Vivemonde . But most of the male characters are called earth sounding names of Butch, Victor, and Brenner. Yeah, Victoria and Butch have longer Vivemonde names but when Jo questioned them, they answered that's what everyone calls us.

The powers assigned to the aliens make up for it and soon I forgot about it. The one thing I couldn’t get past was their god/oracle or whatever you call it. The Auquerel is made to be this god who lives at the top of a mountain on the same planet. She only communicates through people’s minds and she has loyal servents which block the way to her santuctuary. But once you meet her it is let down. She's just in fact another alien who has come from another planet. It's a big let down as she played a significant part in this novel.

For those reasons I gave it 2.5 stars as I can’t get over the let down of the Auquerel.

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