Tuesday, October 18, 2011

A Good Student by Elliot Mabeuse

When passionate Professor Conner Devlin meets oversexed student Emma Fiore, the sparks ignite: he'll train her to be his classroom sex slave, carrying out his every desire, while she gets to experience the forbidden pleasure of submissive love before her marriage to a dull and unfeeling man. But Emma's sizzling and insatiable desires soon overwhelm Conner and he finds himself hopelessly in love with his young submissive. Emma accepts him as her sexual Master, but will she have him as her real-life lover?

Through the means of BDSM and the demands of extreme sex, Conner tries to break down the barriers between them and make Emma acknowledge her feelings, until one night things become too real and the games are forgotten. Conner takes Emma prisoner for real and their passions erupt in a cataclysm of raw emotion that rocks them both and fuses them in a transcendent love.

Told with intense honesty from the dominant's point of view, A Good Student gives a rare and searing look inside a man-s heart as he's caught in the throes of a compelling and overwhelming love and passion, all his thoughts and feelings exposed. Listening to Conner's confessions is like having your own personal Master tell you everything he feels, with a poet's skill and a therapist's insight. You-ll never look at the dynamics of D/s and a man's sexuality the same way again.

Reviewer: avidscribe
For me, there is nothing more arousing than finding a writer who mines ways to convey moments that thrust his work to a whole new elevation in so doing. Elliot writes what everyone has been saying for years—since erotica has been written—but he seduces by the surprising and bold turn of a phrase, the salty taste of sweat from his character’s angst, the reveal of a tortured dark craving that has you reveling for more.

And he gives it.

Propelled by a first person male Dom POV, the sheer emotion of this story is so astoundingly raw, involving and carnal it left me breathless.

In A Good Student, you get the naked fury of a man’s lust for a kindred soul, his quest for a woman to give it all to. His story isn’t dressed up in frippery but naked and unrepentantly male—saturated with pheromones, dripping in testosterone ... and I couldn’t put it down.

I’ve swooned over a few writers in my time but this read compelled me to track down the author on Facebook and gushingly ask him to friend me, as if the Six Degrees of Separation would somehow bring me closer to the majesty of his pen. I felt ridiculous doing so, invading his personal space as it was, but I needed the connection like I needed my next breath of air.

Ever have a book that takes up real estate in your head, that holds you in its arms and murmurs heatedly into your hair as it takes you to depths you hadn’t conceived of before? This book sparked whole new synapses in my brain and its flawless execution is going to make the search for an equal impossible, I feel it will be a fruitless quest to find another author who comes close to this writer’s brilliance. His words catapult the genre to a whole new class.

Five stars out of five and one for good measure. I did not want it to end.

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