Thursday, September 29, 2011

Amber's Wedding by Sara Wood

A wedding to remember

The bride was resplendent, the groom was handsome, the location was grand and the cream of society was there. It was a glorious affair--with just a few small hitches.

The groom was behaving both jealously and possessively, yet strangely Jake Cavendish and Amber Fraser were friends but not lovers. Amber, however. was pregnant--with another man's child. All in all, it wasn't your average wedding, and the best was yet to come: Jake was about to reveal to Amber a secret about her past, her family. It was a revelation that would change her life and uncover Jake's true motives for marrying her. It was all happening at Amber's wedding.

TRUE COLOURS: Three women are looking for their family--what they truly seek is love. Things are rarely as they seem, in Sara Wood's intriguing family trilogy.

Reviewer: Fashionta 
Amber’s Wedding is the conclusion to the True Colour series and ties up most of the loose ends from the previous two books.

I liked this book the best as I actually read this first before knowing it was a series and it was enjoyable book. However, the way it played out at the end with only the heroine finding her mother and the truth revealed. It was a let down, as we have three connected books  about the girls who are trying to find out about their mothers and in the end we only get one satisfying conclusion with Amber even though there is mention that her mother knew the other girls birth mothers.

So for those reasons I give it only 3 stars.

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