Friday, September 23, 2011

Alien's Daughter by Nora-Jean Perkin

When rebel warrior Konr kidnaps an Earthling half-breed, his only purpose is to discover what his Elite oppressors are plotting. But from the moment he captures psychologist Starr Berenger, he is fascinated by the humanity he should hate and drawn by a destiny he shouldn't have. When it turns out the Earthling has the coveted birthmark - the key to stealing the Elite's battle plans - he is forced to team up with her on a dangerous mission and confront the human genes that have destroyed his life.

Starr has spent a lifetime running from the truth. But when she is kidnapped to a far-off planet, she must accept that she is part alien or be doomed to never return home. She bargains with the alien rebels to use her birthmark to help fight their oppressors in return for being sent back to Earth. But she doesn't bargain for the tug of a destiny she doesn't want or for the unearthly attraction to the rebel warrior who despises her and everything human.

Reviewer: Fashionta
I'm a sucker for alien books. So Alien’s Daughter was on TBR (to be read) list. I was hopeful this would be good despite being a Blush book. It was a let down. In the first twenty pages the book jumped around too quickly. The heroine Starr, ironically named, is waiting in a hospital in Chicago, the next minute she in a different galaxy. Finally, she arrives on the planet Zura home of her father’s people. From there in a couple of pages she go from elite headquarters to rebel headquarters. This is when the real story starts and we only get to meet the hero Konor in present times. This is when we see Starr really brought to life with her interactions. The interactions before seemed mundane, like she was focusing on the main plot of the story. For those reasons, I gave Alien’s Daughter three and half stars.

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