Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Crusade Knights by Rexana McCormack

During a dinner at the home of the Emperor, a bastard knight catches the eye of the Emperor’s cousin. Alexius is a lover of men, something that isn’t a problem in his world. Although Walter isn’t the type of man he usually has sex with, he still wants to have him for a night.

Walter has lived his life by the code of his Christian religion. He lives by his sword and has no attachments, drifting where his King bids.

Alexius opens a whole new world of sensations and pleasure beyond anything Walter has ever known. Water raises possessive feelings in Alexius, a new experience for him. Can a man who grew up believing that loving a man is wrong and against the word of God embrace what he really wants? How far will Alexius go to hold on to the man who now holds his heart.

Do believe in love at first sight? I don’t. I believe in recognition.

Since before we had language, before we walked upright, before recorded history, we have been together. We have loved, and fought and died together. No matter what the distance between our births, we find each other.

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Reviewer: BlackTulip
I am, most of the time, disappointed when I read a short story. Well, this time I wasn't. I think the author did a very good job with the development of the story that takes place in Constantinople in medieval times.

We have two main characters who are poles apart. On one side we have a knight, Sir Walter of Normandy, a widower who was born a bastard, tall, broad, and accustomed to live the life of a soldier, fighting in the name of God on the battlefields. On the other side we have Alexius the Emperor's cousin, a sophisticated noble man, with a delicate face and striking green eyes, accustomed to living in luxury and always having his way, particularly, with men. As soon as Alexius sees him at the banquet given by his cousin and despite the fact that he is not at all his type he wants him, even for a night.

Against all odds those two men who never were meant to be with each other, will discover the hard way that fate has decided otherwise.

The only criticism I will make is that I didn't see Walter struggle with himself when he realizes he's attracted to a MAN and is going to succumb to him. He reacts strongly only afterward - by leaving the city to fight for six months!

This is a good book and I give it a 4/5.

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