Sunday, September 18, 2011

Mary Had a Little Problem by Destiny Blaine

Mary Worthington is a widow, or at least, she should’ve been. A former Navy Seals wife, Mary has a difficult time accepting the fact her husband isn’t coming home. Without a body to bury or witnesses to explain what happened, there’s no way Mary can put the past to sleep until someone provides her with the truth about her husband’s final hours.

Trying to step out and socialize once again while gathering facts about her husband’s death, Mary is introduced to Brock Taylor, a hard-core ladies man dedicated to the Marines and sharing himself with any woman who wants a piece of one. That is, until he meets Mary, a woman he's heard about through a man they both know well.

Mary and Brock fall in love, plan a wedding in the Great Smoky Mountains, and well, things could’ve been headed toward a happy ending only six months after Brock finally wins Mary’s hand, but Mary’s missing husband reappears. And Mary isn’t sure she can give up one man in exchange for another.

Reviewer: PurpleRose
The plot of the book really interested me, because it's something that could have happened. What if a solider believed to be dead, wasn't, and came home only to find his 'widow' about to get married.

I liked all the characters, how their feelings and emotions were expressed, and how the plot evolved. Her love for both men was convincing, one being the love of her life and the other her soul mate.

But, there were too many things left unanswered. Like why did it take him 6 months after being rescued to come back, there was no mention of a hospital stay or illness, one paragraph he was found, then it was 6 months later and he was home. It was pointed out that she and her husband (the not dead one) couldn't allow any outward appearance of being into BDSM, like her wearing a collar or even visiting a BDSM club, because it won't be accepted by the military. So how would her living with two husbands work?

In the end, I was left thinking more about what was missing. If the book had been longer or at least had an epilogue to wrap things up, I'd definitely rate it higher than the 3 I give it.

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