Thursday, September 15, 2011

Beginning of Time by Dirk Hessian

A profoundly moving story of primeval survival and love.

Beginning of Time chronicles the sexual awakening and fulfillment of a young man struggling to learn how to fit into his hostile, primitive environment. As he moves from an almost animal existence to an ancient civilization to a slightly more advanced ancient civilization-not always by choice-his resilience is taxed. But he survives, as does his innocent vulnerability, until he is saved by reaching his protector and ultimate lover, and their love story is depicted on a cave wall for future generations to discover, decipher, and appreciate.

Reviewer: BlackTulip
When I read the blurb I thought instantly of the movie Quest for Fire and I remembered how I had loved it at the time. I was really curious and excited to read it, this subject being such a rarity and I wasn't disappointed.

The author made a wonderful job with the re-creation of the beginning of time. It is a fascinating tale about discovery, courage and love. It is the journey of a young man who learns that the world can be hostile and brutal when he is kidnapped from his home and later is captured another time and used as a slave. Fortunately he will see another side of it with another tribe where he is offered knowledge and is accepted as a part of the community.

At one time he finds himself injured and is rescued by a man who will become his future. This same man will, day after day, draw their life and love story on the wall of their cave!

It seems a simple enough story to tell given the fact that the goal at the time was only to survive another day. But I think it takes a skillful author to make it rings so true.

This book is a wonderful and moving short story. I give it a 4.5/5.

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