Sunday, September 11, 2011

The Tycoon's Tots by Stella Bagwell

When Houston oil tycoon Wyatt Sanders got the belated letter from his sister Belinda, telling him that she'd had twins that she couldn't raise because she was in prison, he was devastated. He further learned that she'd married a man old enough to be her father and that man was responsible for her predicament, responsible for her death. Her last wish was for him to find and raise her children. Chloe Murdock lives on the Bar M ranch in New Mexico with her sisters and the twin babies who are her half sister and half brother. She hates the memory of Belinda Sandars, who seduced their aging father away from their invalid mother, bilked him out of all their money, then abandoned the twins when she blew town. Chole didn't shed a tear when Belinda died. Good riddance as far as she was concerned. So when Wyatt Sanders shows up one day out of the blue, saying it's his intention to take and raise the twins, he's in for the kind of fight he never could have imagined. But for some reason Chloe just seems to be taking that fight right out of him. And to her chagrin, Chloe is attracted to this city dude, despite all her efforts to keep him out of her mind.

Reviewer: Fashionta
Stella Bagwell has written a fitting conclusion to the Murdock sisters series with the youngest sister Chloe's story told in this book. The main concept of this book was fanastic, notably the issue of the woman's infertillity which  isn't commonly talked about in romance novels. However, I would love to see this book extended in certain parts as it seems to go too quickly while the issue of infertillity is being dealt with. Also Wyatt's background should have been further developed in terms of his relationship with his sister Belinda who was frequently mentioned in all of the Murdock sisters books.

I gave it three stars as it should have been clearly mentioned there were previous interrelated stories, and the characters need more developing in certain areas.

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