Sunday, September 18, 2011

Heartkeeper by Christine M. Taylor

. . . Beyond time, and death, and hope have I loved you . . . So writes a soldier of the Nameless Guard, a halfblood who serves the vampire nobility. He is the son of two warring worlds-- half-vampire, half-werewolf-- an immortal outcast. As a vampire, he is a true immortal, but as a werewolf, he loves only once: instantly and forever. But the one who holds his heart is Ravienne Nightborn, heiress to the vampire throne. Bound to her for all time by a despairing love he can neither deny nor escape, he writes the words he cannot speak.
This is his love letter.

Reviewer: Dolce Amore 
What can I say about this book? The vampire princess is an arrogant, cold, proud, and egotistical young woman and the half-blood a stupid man obsessed with her. He was so weak that when faced with his punishment (he is to be banished), he asks her to kill him. And the story was not as interesting as I thought in the beginning. It seemed to be set in the past, though only in one scene I could tell it with certainty, the rest was a more or less nebulous vampire fantasy.

The book shouldn’t have been engaging, but something caught me. I was sad when the princess rejected the hero, angry when she asked him to take her virginity, knowing that after that, he would have to leave. I felt sorry for him when he became a drunk because only the alcohol could make him forget about her. And just for a little time. By the end, I liked it. And I’d give it 3.5/5 stars.

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