Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Recently I've been reading books and noticing more than ever the inaccuracies the authors are making. Don’t get me wrong, sometimes the author does this on purpose and provides a comment saying so. But now there are more authors than ever, forgetting when they write to check important details. Recently, I read an example of this. The heroine was a young English girl with financial difficulties due to the downturn of the market. The hero was a rich Greek tycoon who meets the heroine to pay her not to cause problems for his sister. It was a wonderful light romance read, but what got me thinking was there was no mention of the GFC affecting the Greeks. If you hadn’t heard, Greece has been bailed out twice as they couldn’t afford to pay off their debts . The book was released this year and assuming that it was written in the last year or so, these events should have an impact on the story as they travel to Greece . So I did some research to see what the trend is currently and I found this . The blog is run by the Ellora Cave editors and according to them the trend is American regency is written by non – America authors. Now I loved regency and went through a period reading any good regency book that I could get my hands on. But this worries me. How many of them are actually going to do the research , because there are small differences that can affect your novel. People seem to forgot that we are highly educated people. We do notice your mistakes and make comments on them . So to the authors, whether they be mf or mm when writing your book make sure you research your setting and events if you are going to mention them . Don’t leave it lopsided and only make one character affected by it. Everyone gets affected whether you like or not.



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