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Taking Control by Sam Crescent

Melissa and Bruce have been married for five years and had the perfect loving marriage. However one night Bruce felt his wife fake her orgasm, shock and outraged Bruce plans to finally break down her reserve and awaken her sexual desires.

Years of verbal abuse from her mother has left Melissa repressed, scared to explore her sexuality. The night she faked her orgasm, she knows she needs something more but she has no idea what her body is craving.

Bruce thrusts Melissa into a world of passion, fantasy and desire. His only demand that she gives her body and heart into his care and to trust him absolutely.

Together they will steam up the sheets, but will Melissa be able to give her absolute trust in the man she loves and accept his final demand being with another man, for the ultimate pleasure?

Reviewer: avidscribe
An aside to the publisher ... while I know you are concerned about piracy, the watermark was so outrageous and in my face, it made for a VERY uncomfortable read. It was as if I were constantly being told DO NOT STEAL - DO NOT STEAL. It took away from the entire reading experience for me. Surely a watermark need not be that dark and take up half the page to get your point across. Please I am begging you reconsider the size and placement of it for future reviewers.

On to the story ...
I am sad to say, I give this a strong pass. Melissa, married 5 years to her devoted husband Bruce is unresponsive to his efforts to sexually satisfy her. That's the key—five years. Her husband catches her faking an orgasm and is both alarmed and desperate. No woman has ever faked an orgasm on him, he takes pride in the pleasure he's given his women. This is his wife he loves beyond all measure and he's sick at heart to think she would do such a thing. He believes the behavior is based on a guilt-fed upbringing by her icy mother.

Melissa is non orgasmic. She needs something he isn't giving her and is unable to tell him what that is. She finds their sex life a chore. She's gone to her marital bed a virgin, her mother's skewed belief that sex is dirty and bad tainting her.

Bruce decides to try something different. The next morning he is the antithesis of who she's been married to for the past five years. He's rough and demanding, coming up behind her in the kitchen telling her what they're going to do. His crude words awaken something inside her. The slight pain of the submission he's demanding makes her body respond in ways she didn't think possible.

He takes control of her desires and she has the best sex of her life. The temptress Bruce believes is inside Melissa emerges and she's on her knees giving Bruce one of the best blow-jobs of his life. A deep male voice interrupts to rate the experience and Melissa, embarrassed, flies out of the room in embarrassment. The visitor is Chris, Bruce's best friend and co-worker. It is immediately obvious Bruce has been filling Chris in on the sexual issues he's been having with his wife. Together they devise a scenario to give Melissa a night to remember.

Later that same morning, Bruce calls his wife on the phone to describe in detail how much he wants to fuck her and instructs her to come to his office prepared for a carnal lunchdate. Seems she's on the menu. She is rewarded when she comes in in a coat with nothing underneath. Things heat up sexually between them from there.

BTW, Chapter 3, page 20 typo 'accept' should be 'except'

This is a short story with an accelerated storyline that is implausible to a degree of fantasy and because of that it didn't engage me. With the kind of childhood Melissa has, she's come to the marriage bed unknowing and filled with bad mental images. FIVE YEARS go by in this marriage with this woman not orgasming. Five years? The husband is saying he always satisfies his women but he hasn't reached his own wife for five years? That's the first implausibility. The characters don't match what little we know of them. Five years have gone by and he finally realizes he can't live like this anymore. And overnight, he tries a hard, aggressive approach and she is instantly aroused, instantly orgasmic, instantly the woman he always believed her to be.

Oh come on! Give the readers an ounce of intelligence. Try perhaps five WEEKS of marriage for this scenario to work. That would be believable from the standpoint of the lying and frustration and the husband's efforts to attempt something new. It doesn't work for me that he's waited five long years to address the problem.

We get a menage with Chris that I saw coming early on. It's hackneyed. Chris is ready and eager and can't believe how gorgeous Melissa is though he's seen her on and off for five years—maybe she was wearing tarp? She's all for a three-way, this woman raised by a mother who has implanted some heavy negativity on her. I'm sorry, it just doesn't work for me.

I probably don't stand a chance of having the publisher/author rethink the timeline here but I seriously would impress upon both to at least consider it. It would make this story far more believable. I'd give this two and a half stars.

Publisher: Rebel Ink Press
Review Courtesy Of: ManicReaders


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