Friday, April 13, 2012

Building Arcadia (Blueprints Not Included) by Ryan Loveless

People mistake best friends Connor Adams and Sam Henning for a couple all the time. Sam is gay; Connor is straight and married. They laugh it off. But it's no joke when three armed homophobic thugs make that same mistake. Seconds later, one of the attackers lies dead. Evidence points at Connor, but he can't remember touching a gun. Nor can he rely on Sam to clear him. The thugs put Sam in a coma.

The attack's repercussions upend the lives of not only Sam and Connor, but also Connor's wife, Kelly. The three come to rely on each other like never before, and repressed emotion finds its outlet in heated passion. Can they turn that passion into real love when their lives are falling apart?

Reviewer: Fashionta
Two guys meet in a music camp in their teens and then go their separate ways. Sounds like it's going be a to reunited lovers story right? Wrong. They reconnect later after a chance meeting in a fast food place. Sam is famous music star, while Conner is trying to get his name out there. Fast forward to present times and both of them are successful music stars to different degrees. Connor is straight and happily married. Sam is gay and in a committed relationship and in one moment their lives are changed. One lays in hospital and the other in jail and Kelly, Conner’s wife is stretched to the limit.

Now, when I received this book I was optimistic. It won a number of awards from Rainbow and it totally deserved those awards. It's not a light piece of fluff that leaves you thinking, why did I waste my time on this book. It's actually a good piece of writing and I’m don't say that lightly. The author has an amazing gift writing romantic suspense, so that it’s hard to believe that you are reading a ménage book that contains main characters that are bisexual and exploring their relationship while trying to retain the air of mystery. I have to give this book 4.5 stars

Publisher: Smashwords


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