Monday, April 30, 2012

Coffee, Tea or Me by Mae Powers & Megan Hussey

Tea & Hart by Mae Powers
Lavera Tallys wants Zareth Hart, but he's part of a spoilt alien princess' endowment. Now if only she can barter for his freedom, so she could lay claim to his heart and body.

Coffee, Tea Or He? by Megan Hussey
A seductive alien masquerades as an airline steward to seduce a straight-laced female pilot. Will she take coffee, tea, or he?

Cosmic Coffee Café by Mae Powers
Security officer Terryc Valcon goes into the Cosmic Café and finds both the owner Chalea Jackson and her Earth beverages quite refreshing and stimulating. When trouble follows her, so does Terryc, ready to rescue and love her.

Reviewer: Dolce Amore
Tea & Hart by Mae Powers
Zareth Hart was exchanged by his father for grains and other priceless products his planet considered necessary to Orla, a spoiled princess. But he is rescued by an Earther woman, the boss of his sister, Natia; and they fall in love.

I tried to like the story, but I couldn’t. There was too much descriptions and that made it a little boring to me and although Zareth is supposed to be mute and deaf but in some scenes he seems to talk and hear. 2.5 stars

Coffee, Tea Or He? by Megan Hussey
Violet Steed is a pilot. She was overjoyed that her longtime employer, Valentine Airlines, was partnering with Eternian officials to explore some common ground. And she likes Valaria Jinga, the president of the planet Eternia.

She doesn’t know that Valaria set Varian, the ultimate pleasure ambassador, to seduce her. She finally gets rid of her husband, who's been cheating on for some years. Violet and Varian soon are falling in love but what will happen when she will find out the truth about him?

I liked this story. Varian is much younger than Violet, but he falls in love with her. And he decides to leave his work as an ambassador just to have her. 3.5 stars.

Cosmic Coffee Café by Mae Powers
Terryc Valcon had to do one more assignment for Galactic Trades Commission: to catch Nezzbum. He already has a job, as 2nd in command for the Station’s security team but he also went undercover as a regular mall cop just to make it easier to get some evidence on him and finally leave his old work. He falls for Chalea Jackson, the proprietor of Cosmic Coffee Café and Chalea for him.

The story was a little confusing. Terryc was searching for some secret of Chalea to help him with Nezzbum who wanted her Café… and he got rid of Nezzbum when some of his men threaten Chalea and were trying to steal her supplies. All that made me feel like something is missing. 3 stars.

Overall the anthology wasn't bad, although the stories have their boring moments. I give it 3 stars.

Publisher: Melange Books
Review Courtesy Of: ManicReaders


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