Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The Knight of the Hawk by Victor J Banis

In this novel from master storyteller, Victor Banis: A beautiful young man steals the heart and inflames the loins of Kenneth, The Knight of the Hawk. Kenneth is a handsome and fierce Scottish warrior. Mystery, murder and treachery ensue on his Holy Crusade, and a forbidden love blazes hotter than the Arab desert.

Reviewer: BlackTulip
This book goes beyond the usual, classic, gay historical story. In fact and strangely as it seems it reminded me a lot of Sir Walter Scott's Ivanhoe, it has the same spirit. It's an epic medieval adventure with a beautiful young page in distress and an honorable knight in shining armor!

The story takes place in 12th century Outremer, after the final battle of Jaffa where Saladin was defeated by King Richard. In the heart of the desert where the most powerful rulers of all Christendom are gathered in the name of God, somewhere in the shadow a dirty game is being played. When all these dignitaries should work together, everyone thinks only about their own interest. When at one time there was greatness and honor now only pettiness and arrogance remain. Two powerful villains are conspiring against a possible truce between King Richard and Saladin. They have no interest left for Christianity, only for their own advancement and personal profit.

In an atmosphere full of danger, lies and corruption, Sir Kenneth, the Knight of the Hawk, a lowly Scottish Knight who is not without flaws seems the only one who remains true, honorable and loyal to Richard.

At one time Kenneth had thought himself in love with the lovely lady Joan, the King's cousin, but he knows it's a hopeless love. Then he has this strange dream where he sees Joan's face and body and then they fade away and are replaced by another very different face... Alex's! Richard's young page who is as pretty as a woman ....

There's a lot going on in that story, you won't have the time to get bored. A very varied and colorful cast of characters gives the novel great depth and strength. This book was very entertaining to read. I give 4 stars.

Publisher: VJB ebooks


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