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New Beginnings Jubilee (Running In Fear 7) by Trinity Blacio

They have a new world, a new beginning: now all they need is for their enemies to drop dead and leave them alone. Jaycee LeBlathe, Suzanne Hazelfield, and Lissa Elam have no idea how to be the first ladies, to be queens, let alone rule over anyone. All they know how to do is survive, until now.

Nikola, Dominic, Remi, and Dane have decided it is time for their female companions to live again, to love, and to know what a family unit is all about. Their people now brought over, settling into new homes on a new planet, everyone waits for the word that the war on Earth is over. Are their mates truly safe now? Or will this New Beginning Jubilee be put on hold?

Reviewer: BlueBell
New Beginnings Jubilee is the seventh book in Ms. Blacio’s Running in Fear series.

Let me start out by saying, I love this series and have read all seven books. In book seven all our heroes and heroines have taken up residence on the new planet and hope they have finally found a safe haven from the evil that has been stalking them and causing havoc in their lives. All the heroines are now pregnant but Jaycee is due to give birth at any time. So, it comes as no surprise that her mates are on edge.

All the males become more edgy when a few council members just disintegrate while being transported to the new planet. It seems that even the planet itself has decided that nothing evil is getting near the women or their unborn children. The men become even more alarmed when they find that they share the planet with a small group of aliens who claim their only purpose is to protect the women and they are even blocking the goddesses from visiting the planet.

Because there are so many main characters in this series, it can become very confusing; however, it became a lot more confusing than usual. We start off with 4 main heroines and 14 main heroes. Add to that a large secondary cast of characters and anyone is bound to get confused.

We also have lots of emotional ups and downs. We have Vampires, Werewolves, Shifters Dragons, and the Fae. This series takes place over seven books so far, so it really is important that Ms. Blacio and her editing team do a spectacular job so that the reader doesn’t give up or become so lost in the different characters that they are rereading paragraphs and going back to reread again as they become more confused. Yes, people this is a series that the reader has to actually read and pay attention to or you can easily spend a lot of time rereading paragraphs to catch up.

Unfortunately, the editing team dropped the ball this time. We had characters who either changed their names altogether Shelly became Sheila then reverted back to Shelly; this had happened in book six too so that the reader probably glossed over. Blair became Blare at one point. Jaycee’s baby girl went from Marcia to Marsha which was really confusing as Marsha is actually Jaycee’s adopted mother. As if all that wasn’t enough, we suddenly had people showing up who had not been present before; I get that Nikola, Pierre, Adonis, and Castor are capable of teleporting not just themselves but anyone they happen to have a hold on, but really lets at least mention that these people were teleported in not just have a new random character start talking out of the blue; it becomes very hard for the reader.

However, as much as I hated the editing and am sorely tempted to offer myself up as a proof reader for book eight, I’m still giving 5 stars. This is by far one of the best series out there at the moment.

Publisher: Ravenous Romance
Review Courtesy Of: ManicReaders


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