Thursday, May 17, 2012

Sea Captive by Rexana McCormack

Wyatt is the youngest son of a family with a shipping empire. While in port a merchant who owes the family money offers a deal. If Wyatt will forgive a portion of the debt, he will give him an indentured servant.

The servant claims his contract has been fulfilled. He also has obviously been abused. Knowing the shady nature of the merchant Wyatt goes to him for the truth.

Ivan has managed to keep his sanity under circumstances that would have broken most men. When Wyatt comes back and declares him to be free and offers him a job and a new life elsewhere, Ivan is happy but still afraid to trust.

The attraction between them grows, and is cemented by the ordeal that they survive.

Reviewer: BlackTulip
It's a beautiful story but a very harsh one. It tells us that no matter how many times and how far you fall there is always hope for a better future.

Ivan's indenture servant's contract is wrongfully sold to Wyatt by his despicable master in exchange of a debt. The young man has been used and misused for eight years, he has no illusions anymore and he doesn't trust anyone. Despite all that separate them and against all odds it's love at first sight. Well, Ivan knows it but he has a huge problem with trust, and who could blame him, as for Wyatt he is still far from being ready to admit it!

This is the tale of their journey, where Ivan will discover that not everything is for sale and that it's all right to trust. His ordeal however is far from finished but this time he is'nt alone anymore, he has a champion in Wyatt. Despite his very slim figure, Ivan will prove that, fortunately for him, he has also a real strength of mind.

The interaction of both characters was very believable and sweet. Despite the fact that this is a short story we are able to see the progression of Ivan and Wyatt's feelings. Rexana McCormack delivers here a very intense story. Be warned however that there is rape more than once in this story. I give it 4 stars.

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