Saturday, May 26, 2012

Hanged Man's Ghost by Missouri Dalton

Detective Fynn Adder is embarking on the case that will change his life forever. The ghosts of murder victims are leaving him clues, his drinking problem is out of control, and no matter how nepotistic the Chicago Police Department might be, there are some forces his family’s reputation can’t save him from.

Just a few years ago, Fynn’s longtime partner Robert was murdered and the case went unsolved. As he gets deeper into a new investigation, it becomes apparent that somehow the two cases are connected. To make matters worse, it’s clear to Fynn that forces beyond this world have come into play.

Forces like Internal Affairs agent Daniel Voight, who’s determined to make dirt stick to Fynn any which way he can. The only real bright points in Fynn’s day are when he’s with Jack, his unfortunately straight partner. Fynn is going to have to pull himself together--because if the dead don’t kill him, his family will.

Reviewer: WhiteDaisy
I admit to having mixed feelings about this book. The main plot was written with interesting action. I was pulled into Fynn Adder's mysterious destructive path from the start. I liked Fynn as a main character, but to be truthful everything that happened felt off. The starting point of this story was bland. Most mornings, he woke up with a hangover and in the bed of a different young man. Fynn had a bad reputation and a long list of one-night stands with different man. Fynn was glad, the young man was as drunk as him when they stumbled into the bed.

Fynn got a wake up call from his Captain O’Bryan, because he was late to work, which was nothing new for Fynn as a character. He was a drunk alcoholic and didn't like his job. Most of his last two years of work, Fynn only got to work because of his family and his working partner Jack.

From the first impression of Fynn as a character, we could see that he was on a destructive path, killing himself slowly with alcohol and cigarettes. The fuck and run tactic was a survival technique. In Fynn's mind he didn't have what it takes to be a a good detective and that was because he couldn't forget all the dead faces. Which was absurd in my own eyes. The next day after having a fight with Jack, Fynn took off on his own. Fynn went to the the first murder scene where he saw his first ghost of Jessica, the victim. At the spot where Jessica vanished, Fynn found a card of Monsignor Wesley Quinn from the Cathedral.

Fynn followed the lead of girl's ghost into the Cathedral, where he found out about a mysterious stranger who was following Jessica. She was cared of him and came to Monsignor Quinn for help. The next weird event was when Flynn saw a ghost of his dead lover Robert. Robert told him the truth, about his intent to leave Fynn, because he fallen out of love with Fynn. Fynn was devastated and pissed off. Everything what happened from this point was interesting, but the storyline needed to be reined in. I admit this story was good, but from page 140 everything felt excessive. I didn't like all those different mixed events. But at least Fynn got his twin brother back. I loved this part and I hope to see more from Michael. I missed the romance between Fynn and Jack, this part was too impersonal. I'm giving 3.5 stars.

Publisher: Torquere Press
Review Courtesy Of: ManicReaders


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