Friday, May 25, 2012

Veil of Seduction-Ambrose Heights Vampires 2 by Maya DeLeina


A newborn vampire. A powerful leader. An inconsolable woman. The shaping of their eternity all lies within the eyes.

Steffan Matthews is the devastatingly handsome vampire leader of Ambrose Heights. He cultivates social order and invents concoctions that allow vampires to feel human once again.

But Steffan also has a devouring obsession that brings him to his knees. Her name is Anya. Steffan sets out to claim Anya, a mortal ripe for the taking, as his mate. But the blackness in the eyes of his newborn should’ve served as a warning. Anya is off-limits according to the vampire creed.

It will take the strength of the kinship, the purity of love, a hint of magic, and a subterranean guardian to shield Steffan against the wrath of Ryan Evans, protect him from the fate of the Nemesis, and bridge a passage to his rightful destiny.

Reviewer: Dolce Amoe
Ryan Evans was going to leave his wife, Anya, for Anise, Anya’s sister, on that night he died and came back to life as a vampire, saved by Steffan Matthews.

Steffan had waited a for long time to find his mate. And finding her now filled him with joy. However, there is one of his that is not happy with his discovery and hides the true relation between Ryan and Anya. Her intention is to destroy Steffan, no matter what and take his place as the head of that vampire group.

When Steffan starts the claiming ritual, Ryan is filled with rage, because Anya is a beautiful woman and he sees her as an object that could make him regain the envy of all around him and he watches Steffan and Anya in their intimate moments.
Anger, jealousy, and envy enveloped Ryan as he slipped out of the darkened corner and exited the bedroom.
These last few months, Ryan had been reduced to a shell of vulnerability and weakness as a newborn vampire. He wanted to regain all that was taken when Steffan turned him. He wanted his status and power back.
And he thinks that taking Anya from her mate will do that. And the traitor takes advantage of his feelings. Still, there is someone who can help to save the day and defend the wicked witch.

This is the second book of Ambrose Heights Vampires’s series and quite a large book; yet, it will keep you wrapped in the story. We have an enthralling story, interesting, deep, and credible characters and a wonderfully written dialogue. I must confess I fell for Steffan, here you have all his qualities:
“I hate to see him go, but it is so delicious to watch him leave.”
The two women looked at each other and then burst out in laughter like school girls.
“A man whose stunningly gorgeous, rich, has an obvious insatiable appetite for sex, worships the very ground you walk on and bakes? I’ll take one for myself, please,” Michelle said as Anya laughed.
So 5 stars for the book.

Publisher: Siren-Bookstrand Publishing
Review Courtesy Of: ManicReaders


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