Friday, May 11, 2012

Under the Bridge by Geoffrey Knight

Ten years ago, a lone killer murdered Dylan Sanders’ best friend and lover, Kayne Kellerman. It was the third in a series of murders that had taken place across the country, each with the same setting:

A foggy night.

A remote bridge.

A victim unaware of the danger lurking beneath the rickety boards.

Ten years ago the killer known as the Troll was caught and convicted. But tonight he walks free.

Tonight, Dylan Sanders, the only survivor of the Troll’s attacks, will return to the scene of the crime. To confront his demons. To put his nightmares behind him. To wash away the memory of that terrible night once and for all.

But on this dark, foggy night, will the past be buried forever—

—or will Dylan find himself fighting for his life once more… under the bridge?

Reviewer: WhiteDaisy
The story starts in the present, Dylan is twenty eight year old and his current lover is the town's Chief of Police. They've been together for ten years now. Mitch knew Dylan was terrified and full of fears. Even if Dylan was Mitch's lover, he was never truly his, because of the past. To bury the past they were driving to the old footbridge where Dylan wanted to cross over the old footbridge again and forget the horror.

When Dylan was eighteen years old, Kayne the star quarterback and Dylan's best friend, was murdered by a serial killer. The boys were at Amy's party and because they wanted to be alone, Kayne and Dylan went out. They crossed the old footbridge to get away from prying eyes of their young pears. After their make out session Kayne and Dylan decided to head back to the party. And while crossing the old bride again Kayne's foot was stuck between two planks. Kayne couldn't get his foot out and his body was pulled down through the rotten planks.

This story was too short and too undeveloped. I have to admit that I'm not sure how to rate this shorty. The plot was full of mystery and intent but all other emotions were dark, full of fear, and sadness. The ending was tragic and not for my taste. I'm giving 3 stars.

Publisher: Dare Empire eMedia Productions
Review Courtesy Of: ManicReaders


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