Thursday, May 24, 2012

Smoke and Fire by Sean Michael

Daslin is a fire mage living in a school on the Mountain, where he tries to stay out of trouble, not an easy task as Daslin not only is accident prone, but can’t always control the fires he creates. The masters despair of him ever getting total control, and he has been forbidden to leave the draughty hallways and labs of the school.

His new roommate, Avan, is unlike anyone Daslin has ever met. Avan comes from the plains where he can go naked and commune with the elements without impediment. He doesn’t like the Mountain, where he’s been sent to learn to use his powers more efficiently; at least that’s the excuse the elders give him. Avan suspects they just want him out of the way.

Avan is as delighted with his new roommate as Daslin is bemused by him. Can they get up to more than just mischief?

Reviewer: WhiteDaisy
Daslin is a mage bound to the School on the Mountain and restlessly awaiting a new roommate. Daslin had the same rooms for almost nine years now, and many different roommates through the years. His newest roommate's name is Avan and he's a weird character.

As soon as Avan came into the room, he removed all his clothes while saying to Daslin, clothes weren't his thing. Avan simply liked air on his skin. Daslin was a firebug and Avan was a weather mage, who could manipulate wind, sun, and clouds. Avan wasn't scared of Daslin, who was known to be accident prone or for spontaneous combusting things around him. Daslin was careful, silent and shy, while Avan was alive, difficult, and an emotional person. Avan wasn't aware that Daslin didn't have friends or wasn't used to body contact, so Daslin was in daze when Avan kissed him on impulse. Avan was sure, that they would be a great team. This instant attraction from Avan's side wasn't interesting or even realistic. It made this story bad from the start.

When Daslin was on a restriction, that usually meant, he wasn't allowed to leave the lab, unless an Elder was with him. Daslin couldn't have visitors, except for food. But in general it just meant that Daslin couldn't leave the Mountain, but then Daslin wasn't allowed outside anyway.

The next part of this story was a building romance between Avan and Daslin. As a reader, we didn't get a good developed story. I didn't get the point of this short novella. Daslin was supposed to be dangerous, because as a baby he supposedly killed his parents and burned the village down, so people weren't suppose to be safe around him. This story was bland and boring. I'm giving 2.5 stars.

Publisher: Torquere Press
Review Courtesy Of: ManicReaders


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