Saturday, December 10, 2011

First Flight by Connor Wright

Jesse Swanson’s life is pretty normal: He has a job he doesn’t mind, his parents are pretty decent, and he’s got a boyfriend. So what if he still lives at home? So what if he thinks he argues a little too often with his guy?

Everything changes when he stops to pick up a bird and ends up picking up a new guy instead. Chris, formerly known as Sings-like-water, is fascinated by Jesse’s music and by Jesse himself, but figuring out how to be human isn’t easy—especially when Jesse’s now ex-boyfriend decides he’ll do anything to get Jesse back. Can Jesse and Chris overcome the odds, or will their fledgling romance falter before it can fly?

Reviewer: TigerLily
This was a really sweet story. The plot was very different for a shifter book, but yet refreshing. I enjoyed the building of the love connection between Jesse and Chris, they are just so cute together!

In the beginning, I was a little confused with Chris, but it was quickly cleared up once the story got going. I loved that he was a raven that wanted more or something he couldn’t find in the sky. Chris is learning how to do everything - eating, speaking, understanding the way people live normal lives. I believe he does very well with his struggles, but than he ended up meeting some great people to help him along.

Jesse is a pretty laid back kind a guy, he takes things as the come. He started out with a boyfriend named Kevin, who even at first introduction feels a little off… We soon find out why, he is a bit obsessed with Jesse! So we see Jesse dealing with Kevin who won’t leave him alone, his growing connection to Chris, and dealing with his parents – a mother who just wants him to be happy, and a father who accepts his son is gay, but has a hard time dealing with it. The way Jesse was there for Chris, to help and guide him along was beautifully touching!

I give this 4 stars. A cute and sweet story, I’d recommend this for sure!

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press


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