Thursday, December 22, 2011

Kisses Sweeter Than Candy by Shawn Bailey

Twenty-six year old Wade Preston, manager of Yummy's Candy Shop, thought he'd done a pretty good job managing the place until his father took a look at the books and insisted they hire a business manager just two weeks before Halloween. Wade doesn't want a partner, and the spoiled rotten heir has no problem using the local haunts to rid the place of its newest employee.

Twenty-two year old Dane Tyler accepted the job as business manager to escape his over-protective parents. He doesn't have a problem working in a haunted candy shop until one of the spirits turns their sights on him. Though he's not usually afraid of ghosts, this one's pranks are turning from dangerous to amorous, and Dane begins to wonder if he has made a bad decision.

Reviewer: PurpleRose
I'm giving Sweeter Than Candy by Shawn Bailey 4/5 stars. I really enjoyed this short novella, I just wish it had been longer and I had a few problems with the storyline. First I really liked both Wade and Dane and I thought Dane's innocence was really cute. I loved the fact that he had to sleep with his two ghosts to fall asleep every night and I thought it was sad how the rest of his family basically ignored him because they couldn't see them. I also liked the secondary characters and hope we see more books for other workers of Yummy's Candy Shop.

Now the reason I'm not giving this book the full 5 star rating is simply because it wasn't long enough to develop the characters. The author also skipped a few weeks in the middle of the book and you find out that the characters basically fell in love in that time. I would have preferred reading about them falling in love and those couple of weeks.

The other problem I had with the book was that the ghost of Ivan took advantage of Wade when he was just a kid. I just thought with this only being a novella the author couldn't really get into the problems that Wade must have because of such a thing happening to him when he was so young. But I was glad that Dane's ghosts figured out a way to kill Ivan for good so he wouldn't come back to do that to any other children.

I really like Shawn Bailey's writing style and can't wait to read more of her books.

Publisher: Silver Publishing
Review Courtesy Of: ManicReaders


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