Monday, December 12, 2011

Knightly Love by Fyn Alexander

In the days when men sought to rescue damsels in distress, Sir Benedict Childerley’s only desire is to rescue Lord Robin Holt from an arranged marriage. Lord Robin, a sweet, gentle boy from a wealthy family, wants a knight in shining armor.

When they meet Sir Ben is not charging in a white steed, but on his back unconscious after a jousting accident. Temporarily banished to a Welsh monastery, Lord Robin tends the knight’s injuries, and despite this ignominious first encounter, Lord Robin quickly realizes that the handsome knight is the only man who can win his heart. Sir Ben, the bastard son of a rich lord, is willing to fight an army in order to keep his beloved boy.

Reviewer: BlackTulip
Quiet frankly I don't like the BDSM philosophy, but to be able to have an opinion on the subject I knew I had to read one or two books as an experiment. This is my third book and I can say for sure that it will be my last, but nevertheless it was an interesting story.

The first one was The Keeper by Kalita Kasar which wasn't so bad; the second one was Precious Jade by Fyn Alexander and I hated it. So why did I read another one? Maybe because it is a medieval story and that it seemed a little different from the others.

Lord Robin is his father's heir but he is the complete opposite of what was expected of a young man in medieval times. Indeed, he has all the accomplishments of a young maiden; he likes to sew, cook, and is very sensitive, he dreams of love and tenderness. His father and brother have absolutely no consideration for him due to his total lack of masculine skills. They find him weak and useless as does the entire household.

He is a very submissive person (and this is an understatement), who only wants to please and be loved. Unfortunately for him, he gave his very young heart to the wrong man who took advantage and total control over him in a sadistic way. When taken in flagrante delicto with his pants down with his tutor, he is left to his fate by everyone and banished to a monastery.

Against all odds, it is there that he will find the man who will change his life forever.

Sir Ben is a very manly knight who has been injured during a tournament. They become lovers while Robin tends to his injuries. Very quickly, he falls in love with his knight in shining armor!

Ben is the bastard son of a nobleman and his life has not been easy. All he has was earned the hard way and he now has money and property. Behind his very masculine facade and his rough ways, he is just like everybody else, he would like to love and be loved. But he is incapable of returning any kind of emotion, it would be a sign of weakness and vulnerability. He is not an easy man and even if at times he is hard on Robin, he never does it to hurt him but on the contrary to push him to become a better man.

The very interesting side of this book is the way Robin turns into a confident man, earning the respect of everyone around him but never forgetting who he is deep inside, a sweet and loving young man.

Just before the end it was a rather good and well written book, but after I put it down I couldn't believe the ending! Not the ending in itself but the way it was handled. Considering the time period and the setting of the story it is absurd. Because of this I cannot give more than 3/5.

Publisher: Loose Id


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