Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Christmas Lovers (Kidnap Fantasies 2) by Jan Springer

Kidnap Fantasies Inc., a top secret kidnapping and fantasy organization.

Sergeant Connor Jordan, wounded in Iraq and sent back to the States to recuperate, can't stop secretly fantasizing about his sexy nurse. When his three brothers give him a holiday gift certificate to Kidnap Fantasies, Inc., Connor knows he'll act on it, if only to help him forget his wickedly delicious attraction to Nurse Sparks. Hmm…and then there's that secret little male-male fantasy he wouldn't mind trying…

Nurse Tangle Sparks has always been purely professional with her injured soldiers…until she meets sinfully sexy Sergeant Connor Jordan. He makes her body throb with an intense need she's never had before. But the last thing she wants to do is to get involved.

So what's a girl supposed to do to relieve her sexual frustrations? Call her secret part-time employer Kidnap Fantasies and have them supply her with a man who'll help her forget her sexy soldier.

When Tangle and Connor unexpectedly come together at a secluded mountain chalet during the holiday weekend, their love explodes in a ménage of passion, mind-blowing sex and sensuous desires that will tangle them forever.

Note: Contains ménage and same-sex scene.

Reviewer: avidscribe
25 year old Sergeant Connor Jordan is an Iraqi war veteran recuperating in a U.S. hospital after a blast has left him with burns, broken bones in both legs and temporary blindness. As snatches of memory come back to him and he starts to relive the explosion, he feels the feminine hand of Nurse Sparks, his Florence Nightingale, who tends to his wounds and aids his recovery.

She’s a small thing with chocolate brown eyes and a tangle of blond hair. He’s instantly in lust as his vision clears and he sees her for the first time. She’s there to administer a sponge bath which turns into more when she spots his enormous erection.

And then he’s out, a month has passed and he’s partying with his buddies and reflecting back on this woman he can’t get out of his mind. His buddies have pooled their money together to give him a holiday sex-fest compliments of Kidnap Fantasies, a top secret fantasy business. He is whisked away to a mountain top chalet in Canada’s Rocky Mountains after filling out their questionnaire. He’s chosen a menage a trois, mm, mf and mfm as things he would enjoy. When he’s asked to describe his physical preferences for his partner, he eagerly writes out his nurse’s description, never knowing that she works part time for this secret fantasy business.

She doesn’t know she’s being set up with him either, of course. She, too, hasn’t gotten him out of her head and when she’s brought to the chalet after asking for a new assignment (centering around a man fitting the sergeant’s physical description) she is shocked to discover it’s Connor and both give in to their long held passion immediately.

With an accelerated timeline and not much character development, the story is sweet and short and a feel-good read for the holidays. An average read. I'd give it two and a half stars.

Note: Anal play, mm, mfm, play kidnapping scenario and mistletoe.

Publisher: Ellora's Cave


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