Monday, December 19, 2011

A Regency Menage Tale: Risque by Kristabel Reed

The young widow Mrs. Alexandria Prescott enjoys her untainted reputation. In private, however, her sexual appetites know no bounds. An encounter with Kane Huntington changes that. Alix finds she can't help herself or her desire to test his notorious reputation and invites him to prove his mettle in her bedroom.

They enjoy their pleasurable games until jealousy's green eyes come between them in the form of Brent, the young Earl of Rowan. Unwilling to let themselves be bested in this game of passions, Alix and Kane use Brent as a pawn in their maneuvers against each other.

However, Brent has other ideas about his future and what—and who—it'll involve. He skillfully turns the tables on them and, despite the games they play, creates an image of the perfect ménage. But things never go as planned and when their secret is threatened will the three of them run? Or will they be clever and strong enough, to hide their love in plain sight?

Reviewer: RedHibiscus
I could feel the attraction between Alix and Kane from the first moment they met. They both thought they knew what they wanted from their relationship, they just wanted an affair. Then Alix meets Brent Kendrick, Earl of Rowan and Alix decides to make Kane jealous by using Brent as a pawn, and Brent agreed.

I was a little bit surprised with this story. I though Brent, the Earl of Rowan, and Kane hated each other, I did not expect that they would also be attracted to each other. Kane seduced Brent after he saw Alix kiss her best friend Emily. And Alix starts a sexual relationship with Brent after she found out about Brent and Kane's relationship. Alix and Kane are playing games with each other, and Rowan is caught the middle.

This story is mainly about the relationship between Alix and Kane, and Kane and Brent, and how Brent wants the three of them to be together in a relationship. While Brent and Kane's relationship became closer and more loving everyday, their relationship with Alix became more distance. Both Kane and Rowan pursued Alix, and are sure they want Alix in their life, but they are afraid their lifestyle will shock the ton. When the three of them finally begin their relationship, I could feel the love they had for each other, even as they prepared for the consequences. In the end, the three of them find a way to make sure their relationship succeeds, so that they can become an unconventional family and live happily with each other. 4 stars.

Publisher: Ravenous Romance
Review Courtesy Of: ManicReaders


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