Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Blue Cruise by Liz Crowe

Caleb and Tarkan were an odd couple, men from two different cultures, so in love they were determined to overcome any obstacles. But fate had different plans for Tarkan. Shattered and unable to function a full two years after tragedy strikes, Caleb faces the hollow shell that is his life.

Adem Broussard is happy enough, as owner and chef of his restaurant on the Turkish southern coast. But a tall, American Adonis he saw once, years ago on a Turkish Blue Cruise haunts his most erotic dreams and he hopes contracting with Madame Eve's 1NightStand service for an unconventional date will help him forget.

When Caleb caves in to his friend Elle's insistence that he return to Turkey and exorcise some of the demons that haunt him, he reluctantly climbs on board a private yacht for a special 1NightStand Blue Cruise. There he comes face to face with the man who remembers him well, and wants to help him heal.

Reviewer: CitrusFruit
Blue Cruise is the first novella I've read by author Liz Crowe, but it for sure won't be the last! This story was beautiful beyond words and I'm giving it 4.5 stars. I would have given it the full 5 stars but it was just too short and I wanted more.

Although it was short we still felt a lot of emotions from Caleb in this story; from his heartache over losing Tarkan to his struggling over having new feelings for Adem. Because this story is only about 12k words, I felt like about half the book spent on Caleb's past relationship with Tarkan was a little bit too much. If the story had been longer I wouldn't have had a problem with this, but I felt like not enough was spent with Adem and him, compared to the start of the story.

Even if I felt the past scenes could have been shorter compared to the present day, I still thought they were beautifully written. I loved Tarkan and Caleb's first date and it was very sad to read because you know they don't get a happily ever after. And the scene of Caleb at the airport after finding out Tarkan was killed in a terrorist attack felt very real. How he sat there and didn't know what to do and realized he still had to go on living, even though his life basically just ended, it was a very sad but beautiful scene.

I also loved Caleb's struggling with his feelings for Adem. I thought how the author described it was also very realistic and very well written. I could actually feel how Caleb was feeling and I love that in a story. I also loved Adem and thought it was nice how he could never forgot Caleb, even after 2 years. If the author writes more about these two I will for sure pick it up and I'll also pick up any other books I see from this author.

Publisher: Decadent Publishing
Review Courtesy Of: ManicReaders


Liz said...

thanks so much! Actually, Blue Cruise is the 2nd in a trilogy! Tarkan's twin brother Emre gets his story with Turkish Delights and then their younger sister Lale has her own magical date that goes somewhat awry with Tulip Princess. And there is a prequel (The Diplomat's Daughter) releasing soon PLUS (wait for it) "Flower Passage: Tarkan's Story" which is the final novel-length gathering of the entire family when a loved one is returned to them.All from Decadent Publishing!

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